The coolest gift this Christmas is a dancing robot that will rock out to the music that you play. That’s what you’ll get with My Keepon from Wow!

The robot has a very small microphone located in the nose. Through that, it can pick up the music you listen to or whatever tapping, clapping or stomping sound you make. It’s very sensitive to noise and can understand the rhythm of the music. By picking up that rhythm, the robot can move in time with the music. Whatever the tempo of your music, the robot can keep up with it. Whether you listen to slow songs or heavy rock, your music won’t be too much for this robot to handle.

These impromptu performances will always be unique - no copycat presentations from your robot. Various sensors strategically placed under the skin will cause the robot to respond to actions such as tapping it with your finger or giving it a gentle squeeze. It will react by turning in the direction the touch was given from.

From the moment your child wakes My Keepon from Wow! Stuff is ready to play and makes sure they know about it by trying to get their attention. The Keepon sits on a strong and durable stand, which keep the mechanism of the toy safe. The yellow part of the Keepon is pliable and soft.

The toy communicates with your child through a series of non-verbal sounds such as robotic chirps, beeps, sounds and squeaks. Your child will find their new friend adorable as it shakes its head back and forth. What’s really cool about this interactive and fun toy is its ability to change moods just like a human can. One minute the toy is excited and thrilled, the next, it’s wondering what’s going on; brimming with curiosity at its surroundings. It even shows signs of sleepiness and can get annoyed so watch out!

This toy is by the same makers of Keepon Pro, which is a tool for helping kids with autism, so has a reputable technological background. This toy is about the size of two stacked up yellow tennis balls in height therefore won’t take up too much room in the home. The Keepon uses batteries or an adapter. If you do use batteries, you’ll have roughly enough power for the little guy to rock out to around a 100 songs depending on song length. Of course, if you prefer not to get batteries, then the robot can play for as long as you like using the adapter.

For a modern and fun gift buy the My Keepon from Wow! Stuff before they’re all gone to keep the little one in your life happy this Christmas.

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